About This Site

I offer expert daily opinions about selected races on the NYRA circuit. I express these opinions through a set of mythical wagers. (If you’re curious, you can learn more about why I express my opinions as wagers.) You can access these in any of my daily blog entries, as well as in a condensed format under Daily Picks. I also include detailed written analysis with my blog entries whenever my schedule permits me to do so. In the interest of total transparency, I tally these mythical wagers along with any winnings accrued at the end of each raceday. Under Bankroll, I keep a record of my total wins and losses for each meet on the NYRA circuit as a well as for the entire year, beginning each January 1st.

Finally, since I get this question a lot—while I will, on occasion, cover races from other venues, I generally restrict those excursions to nationally-significant race days like the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup. For the most part, I am a NYRA specialist.

I hope you find this site to be a useful resource and I welcome your comments and feedback!