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As a fan of horse racing, I tend to watch a lot of races, especially those on the NYRA circuit (Aqueduct-Belmont-Saratoga). From time to time, I will notice a horse who, due to a bad ride, track bias, or other factor, wasn’t able to show its best on a given day. My concept for this site is to maintain a list of these Horses to Watch, keeping track of them until they run back. Once they do show up in the entries for their subsequent starts, I can assess whether or not a betting opportunity has presented itself.

To keep things interesting, I also offer almost daily handicapping opinions about the NYRA cards and on occasion cover some stakes races from around the country. Under the My Bets tab, I will make some mythical win or exacta wagers and keep track of how I’m doing throughout the year with my Bankroll (which is starting at $1,000). These wagers are merely used to best express my opinions about a given race.

I hope you find this site to be a valuable tool and I welcome your comments!



I am 27 years old and have been a lifelong fan of horse racing. I began going to the races as young child with my father and uncle and my passion has steadily grown over time. I spent years studying my father’s old horse racing VHS tapes and reading books by great handicappers like Andy Beyer and Steve Crist—not to mention my first bible, the forever relevant Handicapper’s Handbook, by Tom Ainslie. I soon started intensely following the sport on my own as I became more fascinated by the challenge of picking winners. In recent years, I’ve been greatly influenced by trip handicappers like NYRA’s excellent Andy Serling and have also developed a strong interest in studying pedigrees.

While it’s great to have opinions about the races, it’s even better to have the opportunity to discuss those opinions with others, which was my primary impetus for starting up this blog. I don’t post my selections for any gains other than to hone my own handicapping skills and learn from my mistakes. I merely write these rambling blog entries because I love to do it and enjoy healthy debates about the opinions I put forth.


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  1. gib.

    I’m excited to discover you. I’ll be back to winter with you at Aqueduct.

  2. David Aragona

    Thanks for the feedback. Aqueduct in the winter should give me plenty to discuss in terms of bad rides and track biases.

  3. nebraska jim

    have been betting for 49years. am very impressed with your opinions. you have a very bright future in the greatest game.

    1. David Aragona

      Thanks! I’ve put some hard work and careful consideration into a lot of what I’ve posted here so I’m glad to find out that people are enjoying it.

  4. Gerard

    Hello, David. I’m 48 years old. I began horse racing when I was in my teens. I used to watch my mom read the paper and go to OTB to make her bets. As I got older, I bought my first handicapping book, “The Complete Guide to Racetrack Betting” by David Rosenthal. It helped me become a better horse player. Over the years, I picked up some other books. I also taped every race I could get my hands on. I have all of the Breeders’ Cup races from 1986 on up on video tape. You’re still in the dawn of your horse racing years. The fun is just beginning as you go along. I’ll be following you, since I just discovered your site. Last year for me was a bomb. Worst finish ever, but that’s horse racing. This year started off good, so maybe, you can add to my tool box. I’ll be looking forward to your insight. Have fun and good luck with the blog.

    1. David Aragona

      Thanks. I hope you enjoy reading and good luck in the new year!

  5. elle

    just found this site…..thanks for all your comments….

  6. Sean

    24 year old, almost full-time player here.. man am I glad I stumbled on this site. It was immediately apparent you’re a talented handicapper and I even took the leap of faith to bet Orb blind after perusing the site for only a few minutes. So thanks for that. Since I operate virtually on my own island with little to no outside influence, it sure would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, commiserate with, and learn from. If you’re interested in doing the same, please shoot me an e-mail. I play the P4 and P5 at Gulfstream almost exclusively when GP’s open, ergo I have nothing to offer in the way of inner-dirt racing, but once GP shuts down I migrate back to NYRA (the state I’m from).

  7. dave

    Nice analysis on NYRA races.

  8. Bruce

    After your wonderful analysis before Orb’s last win i had no doubt that you would come right back with him again. i really enjoy reading your write ups. Good luck to doing what you have a passion for.

    1. David Aragona

      Thanks, it’s great to hear that.

  9. jack killion

    David, your site is terrific.Jack K.

    1. David Aragona

      Thanks, Jack!

  10. Alan Gold

    Is it true that the REAL King of Saratoga will be coming up this Thursday to join you and hopefully provide assistance in getting you through this early tough patch?
    Thanks, AG

    1. David Aragona

      Haha, I might need some assistance after that…

      Let’s hope I’ve gotten that losing streak out of my system.

  11. Ray Obssuth

    Do you adjust your picks for track conditions on race day?

    1. David Aragona

      I try my best to anticipate track conditions when handicapping but on some occasions I will have to make a change immediately after seeing scratches.

  12. jack

    i haven’t seen any “new horses to watch list” from the previous week in a while. ???

    1. David Aragona

      I know. I got a little behind on my replay-watching this week. I’ll probably put together a double entry tomorrow or Wednesday.

  13. Peter

    Hi David, I thought Donntown Hottie ran into trouble in her last race or she would have been a threat late.What do you think of her chances in todays 4th.

    1. David Aragona

      I wasn’t crazy about her chances. I thought the trouble last time cost her maybe a length and that she’d have to do better to win today. I preferred Mah Jong Maddnes, who should get a good outside stalking trip and has run races that would beat this field.

      1. Peter

        Thanks David, respect your opinion. Peter

  14. It's Barry

    I pop into your site on the random days I play the horses. It would be nice to read in the mornings if you are or are not going to post any selections. It’s a pain having to refresh your page constantly during the day to see if you added any plays.

    1. David Aragona

      I’m sorry to hear that I’ve caused you any inconvenience. Most of the people (i.e. those I know about) who are regular readers use Twitter and wait for me to say I’ve updated the site there. While I have come to realize that people seem to value my opinions, which I greatly appreciate, my schedule doesn’t always permit me to prepare updates ahead of time. On occasion I’ll even put in the work of handicapping a card and ultimately decide not to make any selections.

      I will be updating a bit less in the future due to other commitments and I’ve just added a post explaining that. (I do not gain anything monetarily from this site so it has to take a back seat from time to time.) Thanks for commenting!

  15. It's Barry

    Fyi, only 16% of adults use Twitter…. So I’m pretty sure those who read your site are NOT on Twitter…
    Really, how hard would it be to post in the mornings “No picks today” so others like myself aren’t wondering IF you are going to have a few selections that day….

    No matter, thanks for the efforts you put into your handicapping!!!

    1. David Aragona

      I can understand your frustration so let me be more clear: Sometimes I don’t even know if I’m going to make any picks until it’s almost post time. With rare exception, I’m not one to have cards handicapped days in advance and in many cases my schedule just doesn’t allow for that. Also, as I mentioned above, the majority of the feedback I’ve gotten about the site is through Twitter, so it’s not like I’m putting out notifications through that medium for some arbitrary reason.

      Moving forward, I’ll be handicapping the races mostly on weekends and if I know in advance that I’m going to miss a day I’ll definitely try to make a note of it. I really appreciate that you cared enough to speak up, so thanks again!

  16. It's Barry

    I saw the mention on the bets page that you would have selections posted later today…. Thanks for listening to a suggestion…!

    1. David Aragona

      It was a good suggestion and, like you said, easy to do. So thank you!

  17. gib.

    Thanks David,

    I take these daily updates for granted too often. You watched my feeble attempts to post daily at a much less refined level than your work. I understand how time consuming your efforts are.

    I noticed that you were burning beyond midnight oil today. I hope that you enjoy your work as much as those of us read it do. I’m sure that your workman-like approach makes it a profitable venture. It is very generous of you to share your opinions.

    1. David Aragona

      Thank you. I appreciate comments like that more than I can say.

      Hopefully I was burning the midnight oil for good reason since I like today’s card quite a bit.

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